Grow Monkey
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Grow Monkey Totally Unique Gift For New Babies

Grow Monkey

Grow Monkey has been designed to be 50cm long, the average length of a new born baby.

So your first photos will show Grow Monkey and your baby as the same, and then, by taking regular photos of your little man or little lady with your monkey you can easily see how quickly your baby is growing.

Zachary was only 45cm when he was born - I look at him with his Grow Monkey now and cannot believe the difference!

Grow Monkey is handmade in the UK and is soft, bright and colourful - a safe toy your baby will love and keep throughout their childhood.
Newborn Maxwell and his Grow Monkey
Nicholas Mothers Day Grow Monkey Milestone Card
Grow Monkey Baby Shower Gift Treasured Memories
Grow Monkey Baby Shower Gift Monkey Harlow is Tall
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Grow Monkey Limited 05454862. Safety precautions: Please allow 5 minutes after writing on the board before taking the photo so the ink has time to dry. Please note these products are designed as props for taking photos and are not designed to be played with by your baby. Your hand made Grow Monkey is CE tested and safe for your little one to play with but please do not leave your baby unattended with any of the products. Terms Apply