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Zachary and his Grow Monkey Easy Wipe Chalkboard


Our Grow Monkey Chalkboard has been pre-printed with sections for you to write the date, age, weight and favourite things of your baby, and has a colourful banner at the top for your baby’s name.

Fill in the chalkboard with our easy to use liquid chalk pen, then take a snap of the board with your baby and create a photo to treasure forever.

Our Chalkboard simply wipes clean with a cloth so can be used over and over again, meaning you can record the ever-changing things your baby is into as frequently as you like.

The back of the Chalkboard has been left blank for you to write your own messages - I often use mine to send birthday messages or create unique thank you photos for family and friends when they’ve bought Zachary gifts.
Quinn and his special Grow Monkey chalkboard
Grow Monkey unique baby shower gift chalkboard
Grow Monkey chalkboard Zachary and the sudocreme
Logan and his Grow Monkey Board
Newborn maxwell and Grow Monkey Chalkboard
Grow Monkey Chalkboard Unique Baby Memories
Grow Monkey Board Treasured Memories Thomas Baptism
Grow Monkey Board Treasured Memories Zacs new shoes
Newborn Nicholas at one month
Grow Monkey Chalkboard Zachary Fake Cry
Newborn Arlo and Grow Monkey
Lenny with his Grow Monkey and board
Zac and his chalkboard starting nursery
Grow Monkey unique baby shower gift chalkboard
Grow Monkey Limited 05454862. Safety precautions: Please allow 5 minutes after writing on the board before taking the photo so the ink has time to dry. Please note these products are designed as props for taking photos and are not designed to be played with by your baby. Your hand made Grow Monkey is CE tested and safe for your little one to play with but please do not leave your baby unattended with any of the products. Terms Apply