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Grow Monkey Unique Baby Shower Gift

Grow Monkey

Grow Monkey launched in November 2015, and is a new, unique product to the baby market.

Until my son Zachary was born in December 2014, I didn’t realise it was possible to take so many photos of a baby. From the moment he was born, all I did was snap, snap, snap away every time he would yawn, pull a face, lift an eyebrow, I just had to have a photo of it. I wanted to capture everything he did. He is now nearly 14 months, and I have over 5000 photos of him on my phone!
I had bought a pack of milestone cards prior to Zachary’s arrival, and these were fantastic for capturing those big events, such as his first smile, or when he cut his first tooth.

But I was missing something. Because it wasn’t just the big stuff I wanted to capture. It was also the unique little things Zachary did that I wanted to treasure. Like the funny way he would scrunch his nose up when he wanted something he couldn’t have, the way he would always drag a little cup around with him when he started crawling, and the cute way he started poking his tongue out and kicking his legs when it came to dessert time (never for his veggies funnily enough!).
Milestone Cards from Grow Monkey
Zachary was learning new things daily, and constantly changing the things he was into.

What age was he when he learnt to point to his cup to let us know he wanted a drink? When did he start clapping each time we told him he was clever? When did he develop a love for ham and cheese sandwiches? And how old was he when started using his blanket to initiate a game of peek-a-boo with us?

I wanted to remember all of those little things and the age he was when he did them. I wanted to remember the moment we realised Zachary had outgrown his first pair of shoes - how had he outgrown them already??? Friends and family would always comment on how much Zachary had grown each time they saw him, but I guess we didn’t really notice it as we were with him each day.

I was constantly taking photos of Zachary which I knew we would treasure, but I wanted these photos to tell a story, to really capture all of those big and small moments of Zachary’s growth and development. I had a vision of what I needed in order to do this, but I couldn’t find what I wanted on the market. So, together with my family, we created Grow Monkey.
Our Grow Monkey Kits
Our Board Kit includes an easy-wipe chalkboard, a white liquid chalk pen and a drawstring canvas storage bag

Add a handmade, CE marked Grow Monkey that's the same size as a newborn baby so you can watch your baby grow

Add a set of Milestone Cards if you wish

Grow Monkey Unique Baby Shower Gift
Grow Monkey Zachary and his tiny Grow Monkey
In January 2016, Essex Baby voted Grow Monkey as one of their Top Ten Must Have Baby Products of 2016.

We believe Grow Monkey is a unique product to the baby market, and we really hope our Kit will help parents treasure their baby’s early years forever.
Zachary celebrating Halloween with Grow Monkey
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Grow Monkey Limited 05454862. Safety precautions: Please allow 5 minutes after writing on the board before taking the photo so the ink has time to dry. Please note these products are designed as props for taking photos and are not designed to be played with by your baby. Your hand made Grow Monkey is CE tested and safe for your little one to play with but please do not leave your baby unattended with any of the products. Terms Apply