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A Bag Filled With Love kit

A Bag Filled With Love

As a parent, the one thing we want for our children is for them to grow up knowing just how much they are loved. Not just by us, but by their grandparents and even great or great great grandparents who sadly may not be around throughout their adult life. Our love for our babies is shown through everything we all do and in the special memories we create with them daily, but how do we convey that to our children when they are all grown up and don't remember the most important years of their childhood? This is where 'A BAG FILLED WITH LOVE' comes in. This is the perfect way for you to capture the love surrounding your baby throughout their childhood, and give them something they will really treasure forever.

Your kit contains:

♥ Five beautiful canvas envelopes, for five years of your child's life. These large envelopes are 20cm x 25cm and have been designed in a thick, acid free canvas material so unlike paper envelopes they will hold and protect all contents for many years to come

♥ In each of these five envelopes you will find seven A5 sized, double sided, pre-printed cards for you and your family to complete (so you will receive 35 cards in total). In each of your five envelopes you will receive:

♥ Five of the 'MY FAMILY' card, pre-printed with questions on both sides so five different family members can hand write special stories and memories from the year, plus give advice and make fun predictions for your child's future

♥ A 'MY YEAR' card, pre-printed with all the months of the year so you can jot down what you and your little one did month by month, and your child can then look back and learn what fun adventures they had with their family in their early years

♥ An 'ABOUT ME' card, pre-printed on both sides with fun, trivia questions for you to answer about your little lady or little man. See how your answers change over the years!

♥ Your five envelopes will come in a large cotton drawstring bag, so larger mementos or keepsakes that do not fit in the envelopes can be included

♥ Attached to your bag is a wooden heart shaped tag for you to write your child's name and the date you want then to open their bag filled with love

Give your baby a bag filled with love on their 18th birthday - what better present than a bag filled with handwritten messages, photos and keepsakes from all those who love them? Moments in time captured forever.
Logan and his Grow Monkey Board
Grow Monkey chalkboard Zachary and the sudocreme
Logan and his Grow Monkey Board
In addition to the handwritten cards you and your family will complete, ask your family to help fill your envelopes with special keepsakes from the year such as:

♥ Photographs, photographs and more photographs! We all capture so many thousands of photographs on our phones but if you're anything like us they are stored digitally somewhere and rarely printed off, meaning unless our children trawl through our thousands and thousands of photos in years to come, they will not find the special ones. Print off the photos you know your little one will treasure and include them in your envelope. Maybe even create some folders on a USB stick and include the stick - you can include a lot more photos and even videos and songs too this way

♥ Souvenirs and receipts from days out and holidays - those fun trips to the farm, theme parks, restaurants or the zoo, include them all!

♥ Old money (the old £ 1 or £ 5 note), newspaper cuttings or grocery receipts - let your child see the way they used to live

♥ Special birthday or Christmas cards or even letters from close family members and friends - give your child something they will treasure forever

♥ Travel tickets - their first time on an aeroplane? First time on a train? Keep those special keepsakes

♥ Souvenirs, handmade items family may have made for baby, or special items your child may have made, such as drawings or paintings

Once your envelope from the year is jammed packed full of love, use the little tie on the back to seal it and then write the date it was closed on the envelope
Grow Monkey chalkboard Zachary and the sudocreme
Grow Monkey chalkboard Zachary and the sudocreme

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